Datafinity Solutions for Industries

Datafinity provides tailored solutions for organisations of all sizes and industries, utilising document management and data capture technologies to automate business processes and improve productivity.

Solutions for financeBanking and Finance

Automate document handling and data capture to improve efficiency of customer correspondence, loan application and account opening processes. Digitised documents can be routed to appropriate staff for action, stored for wider access and archived according to corporate regulatory compliance policies.

Solutions for insuranceInsurance

Improve customer service by reducing response times in handling claims and new account applications. Make documents and data instantly available to staff to deal with customer queries in real time and reduce overheads incurred from returned phones calls and written correspondence.

Solutions for local and central governmentLocal and Central Government

Meet and exceed e-government initiative targets by automating document processes and improve communication with the public. Capture data from forms and applications automatically and make digital documents available to staff at any location. Download the HM Government Information Matters white paper from our web site.


Free-up floor space, improve access to patient record files and reduce costs. Use automatic classification technology to identify, index and file documents within a patient record. Provide access to records electronically to speed up access, reduce transportation cost and eliminate risk of document loss.


Manage and improve access to contracts and other legal documents. Automatically identify document types, capture required data and store digital copies to provide simultaneous access to information. Know where your contracts are and what business critical information they contain.

Business Process OutsourcingBusiness Process Outsourcing

Deliver outstanding customer service by using affordable and future-proof solutions for high volume, mixed document processing. Set up new jobs faster and more easily through a straight forward and user friendly interface. Reduce manual labour to allow faster throughput and higher profit.


Increase efficiency of handling purchase orders, invoices and delivery notes. Automatically extract all relevant data and handle exceptions faster. Reduce loss due to short deliveries and take advantage of early payment discounts by paying suppliers sooner. Consolidate suppliers by having an holistic view of your supplier network.

ConstructionConstruction and Engineering

Automate the management of project documentation, supplier invoices and customer and contractor correspondence . Digitise and provide quicker and wider access to all documents including drawings, schedules, production sheets and other project information.