SharePoint Scanning

Scan, classify & automatically index documents into SharePoint or Office365   

Companies that have chosen SharePoint for document collaboration or document management often overlook how to handle paper documents that arrive from customers, suppliers or other offices. SharePoint started out as an intranet solution for handling electronic documents but over the years it has moved into the realm of document management and enterprise content management (ECM). Therefore, many companies are now realising that they also need to store and manage their paper-based documents
within the same system. This is why a document capture
solution is required.sharepointscanningquote

PSI:Capture provides the answer by offering a low-cost, easy to use and flexible solution to capture paper and electronic documents from all sources, index them and place them into SharePoint Document Libraries, in a fully text-searchable format, for quick retrieval.

PSI:Capture provides all the power and flexibility needed to capture and OCR all types of paper documents – forms, contracts, invoices, correspondence – and transfer them directly into the relevant SharePoint document libraries.

PSI:Capture – intelligent scanning for SharePoint

  • Scan documents from any device – MFPs, network or desktop scanners and Fax Servers
  • Scan in attended mode – allows experienced users to utilise all the features from the desktop
  • Scan in unattended mode – Intelligent auto-import allows users to scan to monitored processing folders from any network scanning device
  • Documents are automatically processed, named and filed based on the auto-import folder and the corresponding document type configuration
  • Dynamically create metadata columns in SharePoint from any document data captured
  • Automatically create document libraries and folder structures from any captured field or document file name
  • Eliminate laborious manual indexing in SharePoint by using simple checkbox indexing sheets or barcodes at scan time
  • Use conditional export options to transfer documents to multiple libraries based on index values