Document Management and Document capture products

Innovative Software Solutions

Datafinity is the UK distributor for a range of document capture and document management software.


PSI:Capture from PSIGEN is a powerful document capture solution for small to medium size businesses. It includes features to allows most document types to be scanned and processed automatically. Even though it has a high level of functionality, it can be easily configured through the software’s comprehensive wizard style interface. Documents and data can be transferred to over 50 back-end document archive or EDM systems, including Microsoft SharePoint.


FileBound is a scaleable, all-in-one solution for document management, workflow and e-forms. The solution can be delivered as a fully customisable on-site system or as a partly pre-configured network appliance, ideal for smaller organisations that have less users and need a more cost effective system for their document management needs. FileBound is supplied in a modular format allowing customers to start with just document management and expand to workflow and e-forms as their requirements grow.


M-Files® is a powerful, metadata-powered enterprise content management (ECM) and document management solution that solves the problems of managing, finding, and tracking information in companies of all sizes. M-Files includes all the functionality needed to acquire, store and manage electronic and paper documents efficiently as well as workflow to route documents around the organisation for collaboration and/or approval.

Kodak Scanners

Kodak, market leaders in imaging technology, have a wide range of scanners from desktop through to high-volume production scanners capable of scanning at over 200 pages a minute. All Kodak scanners come with on-board software technology called Perfect Page which ensures a high quality scanned image. This increase in image quality allows OCR engines built into PSI:Capture to read text more accurately which minimises the amount of data correction required by the capture software operator. Kodak scanners are known for their reliable page feeding capability which ensures paper is accurately scanned, saving the operator time which might otherwise be spent re-scanning or clearing paper jams.