Digital Mailroom

Digital mailroom

Scan and route mail to employees electronically and improve your productivity.

The company mailroom, a vital link in the corporate information system, is struggling to keep abreast of today’s paper flow. Meanwhile, organisations demand instant access to accurate information.

By scanning incoming mail and indexing documents automatically, you will not only gain control of your internal mail process – no more loss of efficiency, lack of document control and loss of valuable information – you will also have the opportunity to combine electronic mail formats (e-mail, fax) in the same document processing flow. By implementing a digital mailroom solution designed as a central platform for information, your organisation can rationalise mail processing and realise significant gains in productivity and customer service.

Key Benefits of Digital Mailroom Solutions

  • Reduce the decision cycle

    • Provide users with instant notification of a document’s arrival
    • Enable instant access to documents regardless of where the documents came from
    • Process documents in priority order according to their level of urgency
  • Reduce paper costs

    • Streamline company processes and reduce costs associated with resending documents between sites
    • Reduce staff costs associated with distribution, resending, loss or deterioration of documents
    • Eliminate the cost of physical storage of paper documents
    • Digital mailrooms will directly reduce costs and increase competitiveness
  • Improve customer service

    • Enhance customer service by enabling instant access to customer files
    • Electronic management of incoming mail dramatically improves the efficiency of handling documents which is critical for service oriented companies and agencies
  • Comply with corporate governance policies/regulations

    • Ensure accurate tracking of internal mail and reporting on progress