Datafinity Customer Testimonials

Our document management and data capture solutions are used by both large and small companies in a variety of industries. Here’s what our customers say…

LCB Construction

“Before we started using PSI:Capture and M-Files, handling invoices was manual and time consuming. Now we are able to process and approve invoices much faster, knowing that everything is safely stored in electronic format”
Liam Bevan, Managing Director, LCB Construction.

Utility Partnership Ltd

“UPL process a large amount of hard copy and scanned utility invoices in the preparation of service mobilisation and also on a continual basis to support our Bill Validation and Recoveries services. The software provides a significant benefit to UPL as we previously had to mobilise a substantial work force so that all data from these formats can be input into our analysis database manually. The resulting database allows UPL to identify exceptions so that a reduction of utility costs can be provided to the client on a continual and historical basis”
Martyn Atack, Utility Portfolio Manager, Utility Partnership Ltd.

PMI Health Group

“We process a large amount of documentation from a number of sources. PSI:Capture has enabled us to simplify our document scanning process significantly. Using data lookups from our CRM and Accounting software, PSI:Capture identifies and uploads documentation directly to the correct libraries in SharePoint, automating what was previously a labour intensive process.”
Nigel Scanlan, IT Manager, PMI Health Group

Real Time Claims

“Using PSI:Capture has enabled us to save significant time processing our inbound mail.  The ability to integrate seamlessly with our bespoke claims management software means post items are presented automatically on the dashboard of the appropriate staff member within minutes.”
Andy Bowman, Operations Manager, Real Time Claims Ltd

Kepak Group

“PSI:Capture has enabled us to scan large volumes of documents into pre-defined structures in SharePoint, with the use of very simple drop-down menu options and links to our HR system, which identifies the correct employee and their basic site information.”
Aine Black, HR Manager, Kepak Group

Haulfryn Group

“PSI:Capture has made our whole scanning process robust. We can now quickly reference our invoices in SharePoint 2010 for audit and service.”
Stephen Lattimore, Business Process Manager, Haulfryn Group Ltd

NHS University Hospital South Manchester

“Before we purchased the PSI:Capture solution there was just no quick way to process the surveys. Now that we have a way to easily process our surveys, we will expand the solution to other departments.”
Tyler Warburton, Nursing Project Manager, UHSM

The Fire Brigades Union

“PSI:Capture has enabled us to save time on archiving documents. The ability to use SharePoint’s Metatags has improved how we search for these documents afterwards. By being able to batch load the documents, time and effort have been saved, and therefore money.”
Bob Birchall, IT Manager, The Fire Brigades Union

Chiorino UK

“Major savings in both time and money are gained from the ease of which we can now file and access documents. We also feel secure that our archiving is not in boxed paper form, but electronically filed.”
Barry Kettleborough, Finance Manager, Chiorino UK Ltd